Font used is Walkway. This version was made in Photoshop Rolo's character design sketches. Hover script by Dynamic Drive.


 Anya Earlstreim C.C. Clovis la Britannia Code Geass R2 Colors Cornelia Le Britannia & Gilbert G.P. Guilford Diethard Ried Gino Weinberg and Anya Earlstreim Kururugi Suzaku & Gino Weinberg Kururugi Suzaku and Lelouch Lamperouge Lelouch & Shirley Lelouch Lamperouge & Rolo Lamperouge Milly Ashford Nina Einstein Nunnally Lamperouge Order of the Black Knights Reincarnation Schneizel El Britannia Shirley Fenette Stories Villetta Nu

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